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Friday, February 13, 2015

[MALTA] Malta Today: Malta allocated a further €12 million for Frontex equipment

4 February 2015

Malta has been allocated an additional €12,600,000 in EU funds for the purchase of an additional fixed wing aircraft.

Parliament secretary for EU funds Ian Borg said that Malta was allocated the funds following a call for proposals for the purchase of Frontex equipment under the ISF-Borders Specific actions.

This additional allocation will bring the total amount of EU funds earmarked for Malta for the period between 2014 – 2020 under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund as well as under the Internal Security Fund to €92 million euro.

These funds will be used to continue to strengthen the Armed Forces of Malta, the Malta Police Force, the Civil Protections Department, Malta’s Security Services, Malta Foreign Affairs and the Customs Department in their fight against crime especially cross-border crime and in their monitoring of Malta’s borders.

Various pieces of equipment are envisaged to be purchased, such as an additional helicopter which will continue to enhance AFM’s air fleet which was recently improved through the procurement of a further 2 twin-engine helicopters part-financed through the External Borders Fund.

These helicopters will replace the Alouette IIIs which are operated by the AFM at the moment. Various surveillance systems will also be upgraded and procured to assist both the AFM and the Police Force.